the puffer jacket trend

Casual outfits are back on the blog and this time I have such an amazing piece to share with you which is a trend bomber jacket. We all know a trend bomber jacket, is both fall and winter essentials but sometimes I even struggle to wear with my outfits cause I'm mixing between the urban and casual. So when I knew about this one I'm wearing right now the whole game change for me. It is basically the best one I've ever seen... it is a great investment to get the best of both styles in one single piece!
Not to mention its keeps you so warm because it also comes with an inner down layer.
Anyways, I paired it with my typical pieces: Tommy Jeans Shirt, Camel Coat, Black trousers, and a Pair of Nike.


A special thing I’ve learned about being stylish is wearing black because it's your best bet when you want to look perfect and mysterious at the same time. I already mentioned it before but I actually wear more black in real life than what I show on the web-site and daily IG posts/ lifestyle. I love everything about this outfit but I’m certain it wouldn't be complete without the items I received from SLAT AND STONE which the jacket and the grey sweatshirt. I'm about to wear them so much because I'm way in love with this kind of outfit for a normal casual look when the weather changes. And with the grey skinny jeans and the black Dr.martens. and An Idea came to mind and it was creating a mix between black and grey, I was so worried about the place I should take pictures in, but I feel amazing in this traditional background which gave the style much more effortlessly. so I have this one for you my friends.
It's been a long time didn't post, and hope you ENJOY the outfit and also reading

Tanger Fashion Show

Tanger City Mall, the first mall of the pearl of the north, will house his
first fashion day to be held Saturday, October 29 and will see the participation of Bloggers in big parade to try to win the title of fashion muse Tanger City Mall.

Lately, I've been planning to visit some cities in the north and here it comes the opportunity to visit Tanger and attend this big fashion event!

I head that this event takes place in the rules of art, coaching sessions and fitting by fashion professionals. They are expected to prepare the participant in his/her best way. And to top it all, the beauty brand and international makeup ''Flormar'' will be the official makeup doer of the grand parade which is going to be amazing for us I think.

In my point of view this is the best period of time to have this event going on, I feel ready for it since I didn't attend many events lately. Cause I've been busy traveling and working on some projects which I will let you know about them soon.