A special thing I’ve learned about being stylish is wearing black because it's your best bet when you want to look perfect and mysterious at the same time. I already mentioned it before but I actually wear more black in real life than what I show on the web-site and daily IG posts/ lifestyle. I love everything about this outfit but I’m certain it wouldn't be complete without the items I received from SLAT AND STONE which the jacket and the grey sweatshirt. I'm about to wear them so much because I'm way in love with this kind of outfit for a normal casual look when the weather changes. And with the grey skinny jeans and the black Dr.martens. and An Idea came to mind and it was creating a mix between black and grey, I was so worried about the place I should take pictures in, but I feel amazing in this traditional background which gave the style much more effortlessly. so I have this one for you my friends.
It's been a long time didn't post, and hope you ENJOY the outfit and also reading

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