Turn a setback into a comeback

 One thing I’ve learned about being a creative is wearing black because it's your best bet when you want to look amazing and mysterious. I already mentioned it before but I actually wear more black in real life than what I show on the web-site. I love everything about this outfit but I’m certain it wouldn't be complete without these White Air force. I used to wear them so much because I was obsessed with NIKE brand. And with the hoodie I received from HIGHERLIMIT An Idea came to mind and it was creating a touch between the dope and edgy style all in one. so I have this one fo you guys. ENJOY.

I was wearing 
Hoodie // Higherlimit
Pant   //  HM     
                Kicks // nike                


 This outfit is as straight forward as it gets and perfect for those cold days you want to look put together but still remain comfortable. I added a leather jacket and put my hair back to look a little more stylish… For the bag I picked it up from MujjoStore to have a great combination for the leather jacket. And for the jewelries I've choosen the yellow to break the black color. Suddenly I found that my phone case is in the same color. So I have this one for you guys I hope you like it!

I was wreaing 
Jacket /april 77 
Jeans / Cheapmonday 
Necklass /Orriols
Kicks / Vans 
sleevs / Mujjo 


A camouflage sweatshirt seems hard to pair, but when you find the perfect pear of blue jeans it becomes easy. I confess I sort of hesitated because of the color but when I tried it on and realized it had the best fit ever I immediately took it with me. I honestly have to say that khaki nike are the best shoes right now for winter and they’re so timeless literally last forever.
With a simple touch of mine, I found the best jewelries to make it on point. So I have this look for you guys! Hope you like it

I was wearing 
Sweater / Asos 
Jenans / balman 
kicks / Nike 
accesories / Orriols