a goal without a plan is just a wish

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are having a great summer holidays,  Today, im writing about asneakers that i have just got from wholesale7, as you know, wholesale7 is one of the most top website of mens clothes which you can find anything you are searching for! Well, let's take a look about thesneakers: You can shop it here

Iwas wearing 
Tshirt / Topman , Jeans / HM , Sneakers /Wholesale7,Necklass / Wosmock 

Maioun Look #1

         Maioun Who ..?

                    What maioun do ?

Shoes just different in outsole, Shirts just different in collars and bags just different in pockets.
Almost all the brands in world are displaying line ups with a little difference of one point as they're expanding rubber strings.
Thanks to these, our choice was broadened and our concern got enlarged as well.
they have felt uneasy at this and wanted to solve it.


they believe this trouble can be solved if they develop products with charming designs and they can make each point changeable as each consumer likes.

The first expression toward our faith is made in shoes.
Imagine the changeable shoes on the design concept of Simple&Witty! 
Now, Have a pair of shoes actually more than a pair with a variety of operations and designs!


Iwas wearing

Shirt // River island , Short // Zara , Shoes // Maioun ,Sunglasses // Christian dior 

In paradise there is love without separation

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      Picture Taken by badr bahajoub


                              Iwas wearing                         
                                   Top    /   Wholesale7 , Jeans    / wholesale , braclet  / Wosmok  ,  watched / Headup , jacket / cndirect                                                 

I will be ready this summer

Summer is the season of the dress appropriate colors when you going to to the sea or shopping or having a date night :D

I was wearin 
sunglasses // embleme
T-shirt // junior
  Jeans // zara man
    Sneakers // Superstar  

Now, there’s nothing to be scared of when it comes to floral prints because when worn in the right way, you can look good in it. It’s always good to remember that when it comes to prints you don’t want to overdo it and just let that piece of clothing be the star of the look. The last thing you want to do is look like a walking flower garden. To balance the feminine vibe from the shirt, I paired it with a pair of braclet Enzokey and skinny grey jeans by HM to make it more edgy and to compliment the entire look, I wore my new shoes. Also, if you want to make it a little bit more casual, a  backpack is a good option –

Yes Iam GEEK !!!

Iwas wearing
Sunglasses // Embleme
T-shirt // cedar wood state 
Braclet // Enzokay
Jeans // wholesale7
Sneakers // aieforce1
Watched // american eagles outfiters



Iwas wearing
  Suglasses // Embleme
                                                    T-shirt  //  Numérology

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                                                         Rings Built For Men
                                BERLINGER creates custom rings for men

                             As a CO-CREATOR . they invited you to a be a part of the process, 
          our rings are manifestation of SHARED TRADITIONS and INTEGRITY they represent gender equality
          our rings are crafted for LONGEVITY; built with fine materials , they are symbols of enduring


The goal of BERLINGERRINGS is to provide the perfect service for you , you are always welcom to contact theme with any question ; the hope to develop long-term business relationships with clients from all over the world and they welcome any intersted companies to contct theme !

Be a voice not an echo

                           Jeans// HM
          Shirt // Terranova
            Shoes //Massimodutti 
                Anchor Braclet //  Enzokay
               Black Silver // HeadupWatch

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The Oxford shoes is a style icon and should be in your wardrobe all year round. Always make sure you have a pair this shoe in black, but for summer, try mixing it up with a brown pair or some brogue detailing.