Yes, thats another casual look. I generally wear loose shirts on top and skinny jeans. but I tried to keep it way casual on this look by wearing a striped t-shirt and dark blue jeans. I was so confused to find the right jeans to fit perfectly with the sneakers. And honestly I’m so picky with pants cause I could stay in a store trying all the jeans for three hours and still leave with my hands empty if I don’t feel they work. Cause the sneakers I got from @Lightinthebox is absolutely amazing I couldn't wear any jeans with it, till I found the right ones for it. Anyways, it's wednesday and I have a ton of stuff to get done. Wishing I can get a couple minutes free to make a new order in @Lightinthebox, If you are free you can go check their items they're so style. Have a lovely one

                                                                                  I was wearing
                                                                                               tops / pandb
                                                                                              jeans / april77
                                                                                        shoes / lightinthebox 
                                                                                        accessories   / botini 

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